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woman in black shirt wearing earring
woman in black shirt wearing earring

With Boss Hair company, Your Good Hair Day is Our First Priority.

Real Raw Indian hair gives you VARIETY!! This 100 % UNPROCESSED human hair is very diverse, which means the hair that is scarified by the general population of India. When you see different shades of brown to black from one single donor, it's because every donor isn't created equal. From dark to lighter hair colors, longer to shorter and it's wave patterns. Some people have naturally curly, straight and wavy virgin hair. Those are the textures and patterns you see in the image below. That is the beauty of how differently God created us, this particular sought after hair isn't uniform; it's raw, unprocessed and not a chemical touch involved to alter the patterns or quality. When you see the cost of these bundles being significantly higher, it's because this is the best quality hair in the market.

Whatever your hair Care needs Are, we've got you covered!

We Focus On Quality, Not Quantity.

Let’s be real! In the industry of hair, you normally get what you pay for, and cheaper hair isn’t always better when you buy hair that’ll only last you a few months! That's why we've went raw to have longer lasting hair extensions available for people that really believe that quality is a lifestyle.

When shopping with Boss Hair Company LLC, we’re going to be transparent and realistic when it comes to your hair desires. Cheaper hair isn't always the best options when your ultimate focus is on longevity. We’ll evaluate both questions before determining which hair selection, or wig is right for you.


When it comes to shopping raw, there's no comparison between Brazilian between Raw Indian Hair. The texture blends better with most African American Customers, however the raw Cambodian hair extensions that we offer is better for customers with silkier hair textures.

Yes, the prices nearly double, but the life expectancy does as well! As long as you keep your extensions unaltered, unprocessed, and in its natural form, you can easily obtain multiple wears, and guarantee its longevity over the duration of years, not months!

So, if cost is your biggest concern, you can click the button below to your right. But if cost isn't your concern, and hair, life expectancy is, please select the button to your left and shop raw.

Now that we've introduced both options, you're able to determine your direction based on your budget.

blonde hair
blonde hair

At Boss Hair Company, your good hair day is our first priority.

woman wearing gray jacket with blonde hair
woman wearing gray jacket with blonde hair

Boss Hair Company, LLC. is now offering Raw Indian Hair Extensions as one of the #1 rated top quality hair companies in Metro Atlanta, Georgia & Kennesaw, GA.

Are you a hairstylist, wigmaker, or hair reseller looking for ways to monetize your business? With Boss Hair Company, LLC., we offer both retail & wholesale prices.

We offer the best replicated resellers platform for beauty industry leaders. We also teach hairstylist and industry leaders how to start selling hair extensions, monetizing their business by incorporating hair extensions into their hair service packages.

Ask us how to start selling hair extensions today for $0.

They Say That Good Quality Is Hard To Find, Or Is It Just Not Ideal To Pay For?

With Boss Hair Company, LLC., our focus is on boss business and learning how to operate your hair distributor business.

We offer wholesale packages that allow you access to our bulk prices, and a free website as long as you're selling our hair, and lastly, we offer ongoing training so that you never feel like you're stuck with inventory that you can't get rid of.

Join the Boss Hair Distributor team for as little as $0 down. Learn how to start selling hair extensions as a side hustle or allow us to help you turn your side hustle into a fully functional business operation.

The more you know, the more you grow!

woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses
woman in black tank top wearing black sunglasses

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